SwitchgearFlat Ferrule Sleeve

Flat Ferrule Tubes have the same application like Round Ferrule Tube. The only difference is the tube is Extruded Flat instead of Round. This helps the Tube to have a better grip on the wire and will hold tight on to Wire.
Suitable Size of Wire Standard Packing/ Coil
0.50 Sq mm 100 Meters
1.00 Sq mm 100 Meters
1.50 Sq mm 100 Meters
2.50 Sq mm 100 Meters
4.00 Sq mm 100 Meters
6.00 Sq mm 100 Meters
10.00 Sq mm On Request
  • Material: Made from virgin, RoHS compliant PVC compound
  • Performance of Marker Tube:
    • Ultimate Elongation: 275%
    • Tensile strength: 15.50 N/mm2
  • Temperature Range: -20° C to +85° C

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