SwitchgearGlands for PVC Pipes

PVC Glands are flexible and reusable as electrical insulating covers for cable connections. PVC Glands sent by us are used for transmitting, joining, continuing and supporting electrical circuits.
Sr. No. Part No. Suitable Pipe Size Mounting Diameter Ø F Packing
1 CP-16 16 15.5 25 Nos.
2 CP-20 20 18.5 25 Nos.
3 CP-25 25 23.5 25 Nos.
4 CP-32 32 30.5 25 Nos.
5 CP-40 40 38 25 Nos.
6 CP-50 50 49 25 Nos.
  • CP glands are available in mm threads
  • CP glands are manufactured in PP material and are crack resistant. Specially designed teeth for effective gripping and sealing of conduit pipes
  • Conduit Pipe glands are ideally suited for use where a number of wires are to be passed through a single panel port or machine part
  • Available: Grey & Black
  • Material: PP (Also available in ABS)

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